Catalog of exporters

AO Borovichi plant "Polimermash"

Manufacturing of vulcanizing presses, cable vulcanizing machine and tools for feed belts attaching. Manufacturing of press molds for rubber technical goods, machining attachments, special equipment and tools. Manufacturing of four-side plane-milling machines and wood-cutting tools.

12, ul. Okulovskaya, Novgorod Oblast, Russia, 174411

8 (81664) 46 588; 8 (81664) 46 600

OOO Arda-Lisi

The company primary activity: procurement, processing and trade of wild growing mushrooms and berries. Forest offerings: girolle mushrooms, porcini muchrooms, blueberries, cowberries, cranberries are provided in both fresh and frozen states.

The rent of freezing chambers and providing services for full storage of clients play important role in the company primary activity.

Eco-friendly baskets and boxes are manufactured on Novgorod production facility which are used to package fresh mushrooms in summertime.

28, ul. Industrialnaya, village Pankovka, Veliky Novgorod, Russia, 173008

8 (8162) 790 390

OOO Armaturz

Manufacturing of high quality isolation and shutoff valves for general industrial and special purposes.

18, ul. Industrialnaya, village Pankovka, Veliky Novgorod, Russia, 173526

8 (8162) 64 53 69

OOO Baliv

Manufacturing of glass fiber. Production of the company is needled glass fiber fabric for thermal insulation, glass fiber unwoven stitched thermal-insulation fabric, glass fiber mats.

173001 16/5, apartment 11, ul. Predtechenskaya, Veliky Novgorod

8 (906) 202 44 44

OOO Borovichsky Specializirovanny Zavod

Manufacturing of food equipment

  • equipment for pasteurization and refrigeration of liquid food (pasteurizer PMR-02-VT)
  • vat pasteurizers
  • containers for transportation and filling of liquid food
  • equipment for milk processing, production of fermented dairy food, butter and quark
  • equipment for cream standardization
  • technical equipment for sanitation
  • equipment for trade and mass catering
  • automatic drinking nipple troughs — drinking troughs for pigs and piglets
  • production of dairy equipment — milk processing — lines of milk processing
  • special equipment for food production and liquid food processing such as milk processing, etc.
  • Food and container equipment made according to client's technical requirement

4, ul. Parkovaya, Novgorod Oblast, Borovichi, 174406

8 (81664) 4-46-98, 8-921-202-57-59

OOO Drakon

Manufacturing of hovercrafts, kits and supplements.

Hovercraft is proper alternative to a snowmobile! Hovercraft doesn't break through the ice and is able to rapidly and safely transport you to fishing or hunting sites all year long. Hovercraft easily surpasses shallows, snags and its weight compared to a motorboat or boat.

82, ul. Bolshaya Sankt-Peterburgskaya, Novgorod Oblast, Veliky Novrogod, 173003

8 (921) 193-33-11

OOO Meter

Manufacturing and selling of measurement instrumentation: manometers, thermometers, water meters, "Meter" devices for water and heat supplies and other industries.

3, ul. Pankovskaya, Novgorodskaya Oblast, Novgorodsky district, village Novaya Melnitsa

8 (8162) 637 990

OOO Novgorodsky Tarny Kombinat

Production of cans and caps for conservation

53, ul. Moskovskaya, Novgorodskaya Oblast, Veliky Novgorod

8 (916) 978-7111

OOO Novobalt-Evrolin

Production of linoleum on thermal and sound insulation sub-base.

43, ul. Rabochaya, Veliky Novgorod, 173008

8 (8162) 641667; 8 (8162) 64-03-29

OOO Novocmet

Manufacturing of high quality aluminium casting alloys of scrap metal and nonferrous waste as well as manufacturing of phosphorous copper of МФ9, МФ10 trademarks according to GOST 4515-93. Phosphorous copper (ligature) МФ9, МФ10.

4, ul. Magistralinaya, Veliky Novgorod, Russia 173008

8 (8162) 94 88 43

OOO Novvent Plus

Manufacturing of packaging and containers of eco-friendly corrugated board which is able to safe the products during transportation and storage. Packagings for doors, planed stock, packagings for pizza, boxes on order.

13, ul. Industrialnaya, village Pankovka, Novgorodsky district, Novgorod Oblast, Russia, 173526

8 (8162) 791-954

OOO Plastferpak

Manufacturing of plastic packaging, plastic single-use containers. OOO Plastferpack focuses on manufacturing of rigid plastic single-use packaging for food industry and consumer products of PVC polymer films and polyethylene laminated PVC.

10a, ul. Pavla Vasilyeva, Novgorod Oblast, Chudovsky district, village Selishi, 174202

8 (812)984-52-52


  • Agricultural machinery and equipment selling
  • Components, consumable materials, attachable equipment selling
  • After-sales service and repair of manufactured machinery and equipment.

22 Office 10, ul. Velikaya, Novgorod Oblast, Veliky Novgorod, 174361

8 (8162) 963 777

PAO Novgorodsky zavod steklovolokna

Manufacturing of items of glass fiber, thermal and sound insulation, filtered materials, glass microspheres.

13 office 1n, ul. Vostochnaya, Veliky Novgorod, 173011

8 (8162) 68 05 98; 8 (8162) 68 05 78