About us

Novgorod Export Support Center was established in 2011 with the assistance of the Government of the Novgorod Region on the basis of the Novgorod Fund for Small Business Support (a microcredit company).

The objective of the Center’s activities is to:

  • involve small and medium businesses in the Novgorod Region in export activities, incentivize existing exporters;
  • facilitate the access of Novgorod exporters to foreign markets of goods, services and technologies;
  • improve the competitiveness and performance of export-oriented enterprises in the Novgorod Region.

The Center’s activities aim to:

  • increasing exports of goods and services of the Novgorod Region;
  • involving new small and medium businesses of the Novgorod Region in export activities;
  • increasing the share of small and medium businesses - exporters in the total volume of non-resource exports of the Novgorod Region;
  • sectoral diversification of exports in the Novgorod Region;
  • expanding the sales geography of small and medium businesses operating in the Novgorod Region;
  • promoting export activities among export-oriented enterprises of the Novgorod Region.

Our Services:

  • finding foreign trade partners;
  • arranging negotiations with potential foreign buyers;
  • arranging business missions to foreign countries;
  • arranging the participation of Novgorod companies in international exhibitions;
  • arranging receptions of foreign delegations;
  • handling enquiries from foreign buyers for goods and services of Novgorod manufacturers.

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