Catalog of exporters

Antonov Evgeniy Mikhaylovich, Sole Entrepreneur

Manufacturing of educational toys for kids under "Myakishi" trademark.

4, ul. Zavodskaya, Borovichi, Novgorod region, Russia, 174401

8 (81664) 45 465; 8 (921) 025 55 10

AO Borovichi plant "Polimermash"

Manufacturing of vulcanizing presses, cable vulcanizing machine and tools for feed belts attaching. Manufacturing of press molds for rubber technical goods, machining attachments, special equipment and tools. Manufacturing of four-side plane-milling machines and wood-cutting tools.

12, ul. Okulovskaya, Novgorod Oblast, Russia, 174411

8 (81664) 46 588; 8 (81664) 46 600

OAO Energomash

Manufacture and supply of high-tech on-off, shut-off, safety and control valves, equipped with various types of actuators and control devices.

61 office 25, ul. Nekhinskaya, Velikiy Novgorod, 173021, Russia

8 (8162) 500-610; 8 (8162) 500-633

OAO Spectr

Manufacturing of transformators, magnetic cores, power supplies, multi-sectional and individual mail boxes, snow-removal instruments (spades, scrapers, ice-axes), trash bins, benches, tables and other items for houses and cottages as well as elements made through powder metallurgical technique. 

18, ul. Velikaya, Veliky Novgorod, 173003

8 (8162) 33 51 80; 8 (8162) 33 51 70

OOO Arda-Lisi

The company primary activity: procurement, processing and trade of wild growing mushrooms and berries. Forest offerings: girolle mushrooms, porcini muchrooms, blueberries, cowberries, cranberries are provided in both fresh and frozen states.

The rent of freezing chambers and providing services for full storage of clients play important role in the company primary activity.

Eco-friendly baskets and boxes are manufactured on Novgorod production facility which are used to package fresh mushrooms in summertime.

28, ul. Industrialnaya, village Pankovka, Veliky Novgorod, Russia, 173008

8 (8162) 790 390

OOO Armaturz

Manufacturing of high quality isolation and shutoff valves for general industrial and special purposes.

18, ul. Industrialnaya, village Pankovka, Veliky Novgorod, Russia, 173526

8 (8162) 64 53 69

OOO AutoServiceTorg

Auto workshop and car service center equipment selling and service. 

31, ul. Studentcheskaya, Veliky Novgorod, 173020

8 (8162) 66 10 00

OOO Azimut

Manufacturing and trade of wood products and roundwood.

115, ul. Bolshaya Sankt-Peterburgskaya, Veliky Novgorod

OOO Bakaut

Manufacturing of woodworking equipment. Manufacturing of uniting lines of different automatation and functionality levels, optimization lines and crosscut saws, hydrostatic presses for pasting lumber, pneumatic clamping machine for plate pasting, assembly jiges and other equipment

187A, ul. Bolshaya Sankt-Peterburgskaya, Veliky Novgorod, Russia, 173008

8 (8162) 70 01 86

OOO Baliv

Manufacturing of glass fiber. Production of the company is needled glass fiber fabric for thermal insulation, glass fiber unwoven stitched thermal-insulation fabric, glass fiber mats.

173001 16/5, apartment 11, ul. Predtechenskaya, Veliky Novgorod

8 (906) 202 44 44

OOO Borovichsky fanerny zavod

Production of cladding sheets, plywood veneers.

18A, ul. Lyadova, Novgorod Oblast, Borovichi

8 (81664) 2-89-33; 8 (812) 318-76-04

OOO Borovichsky Specializirovanny Zavod

Manufacturing of food equipment

  • equipment for pasteurization and refrigeration of liquid food (pasteurizer PMR-02-VT)
  • vat pasteurizers
  • containers for transportation and filling of liquid food
  • equipment for milk processing, production of fermented dairy food, butter and quark
  • equipment for cream standardization
  • technical equipment for sanitation
  • equipment for trade and mass catering
  • automatic drinking nipple troughs — drinking troughs for pigs and piglets
  • production of dairy equipment — milk processing — lines of milk processing
  • special equipment for food production and liquid food processing such as milk processing, etc.
  • Food and container equipment made according to client's technical requirement

4, ul. Parkovaya, Novgorod Oblast, Borovichi, 174406

8 (81664) 4-46-98, 8-921-202-57-59

OOO Drakon

Manufacturing of hovercrafts, kits and supplements.

Hovercraft is proper alternative to a snowmobile! Hovercraft doesn't break through the ice and is able to rapidly and safely transport you to fishing or hunting sites all year long. Hovercraft easily surpasses shallows, snags and its weight compared to a motorboat or boat.

82, ul. Bolshaya Sankt-Peterburgskaya, Novgorod Oblast, Veliky Novrogod, 173003

8 (921) 193-33-11


Manufacturing of fertilizer liquids.

29 office 57, ul. Germana, Veliky Novgorod, 173003

8 (8162) 77-51-88

OOO Green Energy

Production of fuel pellets and briquettes from wood waste

8, POB 9, ul. Sovetskaya, Novgorod Oblast, Pestovo, Russia, 174510

8 (81669) 50 121; 8 916 825 71 58

OOO Grumant

Manufacturing of extracts, food colorants, unique oils, essential oils and distillates of natural herbal raw materials for cosmetics, food and pharmaceutical industry.

13, ul. Meretskova-Volosova, Velikiy Novgorod, Russia

8 (816 2) 775-851; 8 (816 2) 777-515

OOO Honey House

Honey processing and packaging. Production is honey, honey smoothie, honey granules, herbal tea.

26, ul. Zelenaya, Mojka village, Batetsky district, Novgorod region

8 (800) 234 86 87; 8 (812) 677 18 83


Design and manufacturing of electric technical products, adjusting and startup procedures, construction and installation works, after-sales service using brand-new technologies and company solutions. Manufacturing of complex switchboards, transforming sub-stations, data collecting cabinets, etc.

173003 22 korp 4, ul. Vekikaya, Veliky Novgorod

8 (8162) 63 70 70

OOO Kelast

Manufacturing of expansion equipment: fabric expansion joints, thermal jackets, insulating products.

186, ul. Industrialnaya, village Pankovka, Veliky Novgorod, Russia, 173526

8 (8162) 64 53 34; 8 (8162) 64 53 70


Manufacturing of charging, charging-discharging, stater charger and jump stater devices for car batteries which are constructed on Russian power transformers of stranded and imbricated magnetic circuit.

20, ul. Velikaya, Veliky Novgorod

8 (816) 233 54 40

OOO Meter

Manufacturing and selling of measurement instrumentation: manometers, thermometers, water meters, "Meter" devices for water and heat supplies and other industries.

3, ul. Pankovskaya, Novgorodskaya Oblast, Novgorodsky district, village Novaya Melnitsa

8 (8162) 637 990


Equipment for the installation of screw piles. It's a mobile unit designed for mounting screw piles for various species and diameter, combining efficiency, reliability and durability. This equipment will help to quickly, securely, simply and efficiently carry out the installation of the Foundation on screw piles with diameter of 57-159 mm. Scope: 

  • Construction of fences
  • Construction of awnings and sun visors
  • Construction of bridges, piers and wharfs
  • Installation of billboards, signs
  • To strengthen the Foundation and restore the old
  • As of foundations for various structures, in particular temporary structures, cabins and greenhouses
  • As the basis for mounting various mechanisms
  • The Foundation for a private low-rise residential development (terraces, baths, houses, pavilions, etc... )
  • The Foundation for all types of gates
  • Installation of road signs, traffic lights, street lamps and other urban infrastructure

30, sh. Syrkovskoe, Veliky Novgorod, 173008

8 (8162) 90 15 15

OOO Novgorod Bielefeld Metal

Manufacturing of metal constructions: gravity transport systems elements, aspiration systems elements, special metal constructions. The company "Novgorod Bielefeld Metal" offers ready-made solutions in the field of gravity transport systems and aspiration systems for industrial enterprises.

14, ul. Severnaya, Veliky Novgorod, Russia

8 (8162) 64 02 63; 8(8162) 64 51 15


Manufacturing a wide range of confectionary: fondant candies, jelly candies, soufflé candies, milk candies (like Korovka), soft-caramel candies, candied dried fruits, butter biscuits and other goods.

39, ul. Bolshaya Sankt-Peterburgskaya, Velikiy Novgorod, 173003

8 (8162) 77 46 50

OOO Novgorodskaya Akkumulyatornaya Kompaniya

The company main product is stationary lead-acid batteries series OP (batteries 36 items of capacity 75-1150Ah), series OPzS (batteries 27 items of capacity 100-3000Ah) and series ACK (batteries 29 items of capacity 52-777Ah), traction lead-acid batteries PzS and accumulator battery made on their basis and high-purity acid electrolyte.

15, ul. Severnaya, Veliky Novgorod, Russia, 173008

8 (8162) 961 500; 8 (8162) 961 501

OOO Novgorodskaya Proizvodstvennaya Kompaniya

Manufacturing of bellow valves, bellows assemblies and bellow compensator for heat supply, atom energy industry, oil, gas and chemical industry, manufacturing of metal constructions of diverse complexity, polymeric powder coating, metal laser cutting and mechanical works of diverse complexity

57А, Novgorodskaya Oblast, Novgorodsky district, village Novaya Melnitsa, 173021

8 (8162) 76 57 59; 8 (800) 200 57 59

OOO Novgorodsky Tarny Kombinat

Production of cans and caps for conservation

53, ul. Moskovskaya, Novgorodskaya Oblast, Veliky Novgorod

8 (916) 978-7111

OOO Novobalt-Evrolin

Production of linoleum on thermal and sound insulation sub-base.

43, ul. Rabochaya, Veliky Novgorod, 173008

8 (8162) 641667; 8 (8162) 64-03-29

OOO Novocmet

Manufacturing of high quality aluminium casting alloys of scrap metal and nonferrous waste as well as manufacturing of phosphorous copper of МФ9, МФ10 trademarks according to GOST 4515-93. Phosphorous copper (ligature) МФ9, МФ10.

4, ul. Magistralinaya, Veliky Novgorod, Russia 173008

8 (8162) 94 88 43

OOO Novvent Plus

Manufacturing of packaging and containers of eco-friendly corrugated board which is able to safe the products during transportation and storage. Packagings for doors, planed stock, packagings for pizza, boxes on order.

13, ul. Industrialnaya, village Pankovka, Novgorodsky district, Novgorod Oblast, Russia, 173526

8 (8162) 791-954

OOO Oles Trade

Manufacturing of laminated veneer lumber, packages for house building, "turn-key" houses

3, ul. Parfenova, Novgorod Oblast, Okulovka, 174352

8 (800) 200 05 99; 8 (81657) 24 297

OOO Petsamo

Timber cutting

12/11, ul. Magistralnaya, Veliky Novgorod, Russia, 173008

8 (8162) 642769

OOO Plastferpak

Manufacturing of plastic packaging, plastic single-use containers. OOO Plastferpack focuses on manufacturing of rigid plastic single-use packaging for food industry and consumer products of PVC polymer films and polyethylene laminated PVC.

10a, ul. Pavla Vasilyeva, Novgorod Oblast, Chudovsky district, village Selishi, 174202

8 (812)984-52-52

OOO Poluprovodnikovye izluchateli

Manufacturing of LEDs, infrared diodes, photodiodes for traditional frames as well as surface mount. Development of new part types per client's request. Manufacturing of different constructions LED indicators in diameter of5-30mm for electrical box, control panel and radio equipment usage for lightning instead of old valves АЕ, АЕР, АС-220, АМЕ, АВР, АСЛ, АС-1201. LED indicators are produced in metal and plastic frames including for inside transport (sea, railway, automobile) usage, for oil and gas and coal industry facilities usage with high level water and dust protection IP67.

2/13, ul. Fedorovsky Ruchey, Veliky Novgorod, Russia, 173000

8 (8162) 69 31 03; 8 (8162) 69 31 04

OOO Poverz

Comprehensive engineering, design and manufacturing of equipment for companies operating in electric power industry, metallurgy and oil and gas industry.

20, ul. Industrialnaya, village Pankovka, Veliky Novgorod, Russia, 173526

8 (8162) 76 57 81

OOO Production and Commercial Firm Transkom

Production of LED fixtures, office fixtures, fixtures for gas stations chargers and rechargeable lanterns, etc.v

20, ul. Velikaya, Veliky Novgorod

8 (800) 200 93 73; 8 (8162) 33 51 34

OOO Severniy Les

Wood house building, furniture manufacture, production and selling of timbers.

work settlement Parfino, Novgorodskaya Oblast, Parfinsky district, 175130

8 (921) 193-37-71; 8 (81650) 6-19-44

OOO Soyma

Fish, crustaceans and molluscs processing. Production of canned fish.

104 apartment 13, ul. Bolshaya Sankt-Peterburgskaya, Veliky Novgorod

8 (8162) 62-87-92


  • Agricultural machinery and equipment selling
  • Components, consumable materials, attachable equipment selling
  • After-sales service and repair of manufactured machinery and equipment.

22 Office 10, ul. Velikaya, Novgorod Oblast, Veliky Novgorod, 174361

8 (8162) 963 777

OOO StalProekt

The company focuses on manufacturing of metal and concrete constructions for industrial and civilian structures building. Designing includes:

  • collection of initial data,
  • technical requirement creating;
  • schematic design (front end engineering design),
  • pre-estimate,
  • computer modeling,
  • constructive solutions design,
  • building services and communication lines design,
  • consulting,
  • design approval,
  • designer field supervision.

80 office 6, ul. Kaberova-Vlasievskaya, Veliky Novgorod, 173020

8 (8162) 33-20-52

OOO TechPromMed

Manufacturing of medical devices, manufacturing of dental grinder ШМ-1 model 677

4, ul. Stepana Razina, Novgorod Oblast, Staraya Russa, Russia

8 (81652) 57 311 ; 8 921 202 20 59

OOO Torsion

Manufacturing of equipment for the installation of screw pile, Torsion moveable equipment for the installation of screw piles.

30, sh. Syrkovskoe, Veliky Novgorod, 173008

8 (8162) 90 05 50


Design and manufacturing of power transformers, power supplies, magnetic circuits, digital indicators, LED-based lamps, items made of ferrite.

55, ul. Nekhinskaya, Veliky Novgorod, 173021

8 (8162) 94-66-44

OOO Treetrade

Wood products used in furniture manufacturing, interior design and building: tabletops, lumber-core boards, finish-coat and edge stripping, laminate.

2/13, office 9, ul. Fedorovsky ruchey, Veliky Novgorod, 173004

8 (8162) 76 56 98

OOO Uglovsky Kombinat Bitovoy Khimii

Manufacturing of automobile process liquids per partners order, glass cleaner and cooling liquids are mostly popular.

75, Novgorod Oblast, Okulovsky district, village Berezovka, 174361

8 (816 57) 26 173

OOO Viktoriya

Production of extra virgin oils and distribution of own labels premium oils.

19, ul. Industrialnaya, Novgorod Oblast, village Pankovka, Russia, 173526

8 (8162) 53-50-04


Manufacturing of popular art craft items according the Krestetskaya strochka tradition.

8 (800) 550 22 136, ul. Novoholovskaya, Novgorod Oblast, Kresttsy settlement

8 (800) 550 22 13

PAO Novgorodsky zavod steklovolokna

Manufacturing of items of glass fiber, thermal and sound insulation, filtered materials, glass microspheres.

13 office 1n, ul. Vostochnaya, Veliky Novgorod, 173011

8 (8162) 68 05 98; 8 (8162) 68 05 78

Transvit Company Group


  • Transformators on toroidal, stranded and imbricated magnetic circuit of own-produced electric technical steel, amorphous and nano-crystalline alloys or ferrites.
  • Different purpose chokes (line, motor, filter, limitative, compensatory, air, special purposed, harmonic filters and sine filters).
  • Tape and shell-type magnetic circuit of different size made of electric technical steel and nano-crystalline (amorphous) alloys.
  • AC and DC power supplies.
  • Chargers.
  • Table lamps, ceiling fixtures, public utility fixtures, grow lights, machine-tool fixtures, floor lamps, scorcher tools.

51, ul. Bolshaya Sankt-Peterburgskaya, Veliky Novgorod

8 (495) 104-88-74


Manufacturing of cabling and wiring PAL (asbestos varnished wire) wire products.

97A, ul. Kalinina, Village Borovenka, Okulovka district, Novgorod region,174330

8 (81657) 43 346 ; 8 (81657) 43 331

ZAO Eksperimentaliny Khimichesky Zavod

Manufacturing of activated and sulfonated carbon, sulfide and potassium turfy sorbing agents.

57, ul. Nekhinskaya str., Veliky Novgorod, 173021

8 (8162) 67 53 12; 8 (8162) 67 53 13


ZAO Emelyanovskaya biofactory

Production is willow-herb tea, herbal drinks, willow-herb jams with different supplements, pine cone jams, pine cone, willow-herb, thyme and mint syrups

Village Emeliyanovskaya, Khvoyninsky district, Novgorod Oblast

8 (495) 911 69 78


Diagnostic equipment for car service center, professional equipment for undercarriage diagnosis, stands for starters and electric generators checking, tyre and balancing apparatus.

64, ul. Bolshaya Sankt-Peterburgskaya, Veliky Novgorod

8 (8162) 940-999; fax: 8 (8162) 940-966

ZAO Planeta-Eleks

Trade supplies if electric components and electric equipment items — integrated microcircuit, transistors, LEDs, photodiodes.

2/13, ul. Fedorovsky Ruchey, Novgorod Oblast, Veliky Novgorod, Russia, 173000

8 (8162) 69 30 42; 8 (8162) 67 92 20

ZAO Splav-Modernizaciya

Manufacturing of general industrial and special purposes valve, different connection and control ways of used material which allows to solve joint tasks in oil processing and petro-chemistry as well as in oil and gas transportation. Component listing consists of: ball valves, nonreturn valves; safety valves for rail-tank cars and tank-containers; cryogenic valve.

61, ul. Nehinskaya, Veliky Novrogod, 173021

8 (8162) 500-880; 8 (8162) 500-840