Catalog of exporters

OAO Spectr

Manufacturing of transformators, magnetic cores, power supplies, multi-sectional and individual mail boxes, snow-removal instruments (spades, scrapers, ice-axes), trash bins, benches, tables and other items for houses and cottages as well as elements made through powder metallurgical technique. 

18, ul. Velikaya, Veliky Novgorod, 173003

8 (8162) 33 51 80; 8 (8162) 33 51 70


Design and manufacturing of electric technical products, adjusting and startup procedures, construction and installation works, after-sales service using brand-new technologies and company solutions. Manufacturing of complex switchboards, transforming sub-stations, data collecting cabinets, etc.

173003 22 korp 4, ul. Vekikaya, Veliky Novgorod

8 (8162) 63 70 70

OOO Poluprovodnikovye izluchateli

Manufacturing of LEDs, infrared diodes, photodiodes for traditional frames as well as surface mount. Development of new part types per client's request. Manufacturing of different constructions LED indicators in diameter of5-30mm for electrical box, control panel and radio equipment usage for lightning instead of old valves АЕ, АЕР, АС-220, АМЕ, АВР, АСЛ, АС-1201. LED indicators are produced in metal and plastic frames including for inside transport (sea, railway, automobile) usage, for oil and gas and coal industry facilities usage with high level water and dust protection IP67.

2/13, ul. Fedorovsky Ruchey, Veliky Novgorod, Russia, 173000

8 (8162) 69 31 03; 8 (8162) 69 31 04

OOO Production and Commercial Firm Transkom

Production of LED fixtures, office fixtures, fixtures for gas stations chargers and rechargeable lanterns, etc.v

20, ul. Velikaya, Veliky Novgorod

8 (800) 200 93 73; 8 (8162) 33 51 34


Design and manufacturing of power transformers, power supplies, magnetic circuits, digital indicators, LED-based lamps, items made of ferrite.

55, ul. Nekhinskaya, Veliky Novgorod, 173021

8 (8162) 94-66-44

Transvit Company Group


  • Transformators on toroidal, stranded and imbricated magnetic circuit of own-produced electric technical steel, amorphous and nano-crystalline alloys or ferrites.
  • Different purpose chokes (line, motor, filter, limitative, compensatory, air, special purposed, harmonic filters and sine filters).
  • Tape and shell-type magnetic circuit of different size made of electric technical steel and nano-crystalline (amorphous) alloys.
  • AC and DC power supplies.
  • Chargers.
  • Table lamps, ceiling fixtures, public utility fixtures, grow lights, machine-tool fixtures, floor lamps, scorcher tools.

51, ul. Bolshaya Sankt-Peterburgskaya, Veliky Novgorod

8 (495) 104-88-74


Manufacturing of cabling and wiring PAL (asbestos varnished wire) wire products.

97A, ul. Kalinina, Village Borovenka, Okulovka district, Novgorod region,174330

8 (81657) 43 346 ; 8 (81657) 43 331

ZAO Planeta-Eleks

Trade supplies if electric components and electric equipment items — integrated microcircuit, transistors, LEDs, photodiodes.

2/13, ul. Fedorovsky Ruchey, Novgorod Oblast, Veliky Novgorod, Russia, 173000

8 (8162) 69 30 42; 8 (8162) 67 92 20